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Since 2010 our technology experts, trained staff and security officers have been helping organizations of all sizes meet compliance requirements.


Hipaa Networks takes the safety and security of your critical data incredibly seriously. The quality, reliability, and performance of our hosting is far more important than anything else we do, and all services are based out of the state-of-the-art data centers

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The staff at Hipaa Networks delivers cloud hosting solutions that are highly available and scalable to ensure your specific business needs are addressed.

Solution Offering

  • Microsoft Azure Architecture design and deployment

  • IPv4 Address space design and leasing

  • Microsoft Azure RDP proof of concept design and deployment​

  • Technical guidance and consulting services options to cloud and partner networks

    • Cloud on-ramp​

    • BGP route design and architecture

    • Firewall and traffic filtering

    • Load balanced serverfarms

  • Drive proof of concepts to assess the feasibility of solutions and demonstrate to our product partners how technology can be leveraged

  • Partner with senior business leaders and technology teams and understanding current state architecture and future state requirements, to correlate business value with technical solutions.

  • Services range from conceptualization, proof of concept, engineering architecture and design, development, testing, and documentation

  • Network Architecture, Design, and Deployment

  • Network Monitoring Services

  • Serverfarm design and deployment

  • Firewalls

  • IPsec VPNs

  • Cloud Services

  • Global Colocation

  • IPv4 and IPv6 design and implementation

  • IPv4 leasing

  • Routing protocol design and implementation

  • Evaluate and establish technology roadmap focused on cloud strategy, WAN optimization and application performance

  • Optimizing your data center infrastructure

  • Boosting network and application performance

  • Improving service availability and continuity of operations

  • Building private, public and hybrid cloud solutions

  • Lowering overhead and operational costs

  • Developing criteria to meet other critical business needs such as vendor selection for IT, network or cloud services

  • Cloud go-to-market strategy

  • Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS infrastructure design



Since 2010 our technology experts, trained staff and security officers have been helping organizations of all sizes meet compliance requirements.


Through our customized cloud on-ramps and cloud hosting, Hipaa Networks provides access to data any time you need it, while maintaining its security and integrity.


Bridging the gap between your day-to-day office operations and complying with standardized regulations, Hipaa Networks enables you to focus on doing what you do best.



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Members of the Hipaa Networks’ Executive staff have been at the forefront of the hosting industry for more than 18 years. With an initial pedigree in customized hosting solutions, these staff members created Hipaa Networks in 2010 to address the growing and unique IT needs within the medical professions.


Hipaa Networks’ leadership team brings this wealth of technology and hosting experience and history of success to guide the company’s knowledgeable and dedicated employees toward the pursuit of serving our customers the best way possible.

The technical support team of Hipaa Networks is not only full of tech experts, it also includes personnel trained in HIPAA regulations and requirements. When you talk to a member of our staff, you can be sure that whatever problem you are having will be handled promptly.